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Version 3.330, Dec 14 2007
- Fixed a problem where error messages were not displayed correctly in SetupCapture
- Save drives to be scanned by SetpuCapture across reboots
- Fixed generation of incorrect VirtualDrives lines in Package.ini (fixes licensing of QuickBooks 2008)
- Fixed problems when using "D:\Program Files" instead of "C:\Program Files"
- Added ExternalDLLs option
- Respect suppression of error messages requested by app when loading a DLL fails
- Fixed problem which caused long delays in Vista-style Open File dialogs when browsing to network shares
- Fixed MUI problem with DialogBoxParam
- Allow surrounding spaces in section and key names for .ini files
- Fix IE6
- SxS now looks up the source directory for dependants
- Fixed problem with SQL Server Configuration Manager
- Fixed problem with clip art not showing up in Word 2007 on Vista
- Fixed problem with opening Word and Excel attachments in Outlook 2007 where a .vbs script was included
- Fixed a problem with automatic update of Visio 2007
- Fixed a number of problems related to Merged isolation mode of the registry
- Fixed problem with connecting to remote registry
- Fixed problem with icon extraction functions
- Properly recognize MS-style short names with an extension
- Timeout sooner on service-implemented COM object creation
- Exclude Thinstall directory from SetupCapture so we won't be including snapshot files in the package
- Fixed problem with SxS manifests on Vista
- Fixed problem where Crystal Reports would display an error message "Can't find module"
- Improve support for editing of OLE embedded objects
- Fixed problem with memory mapped files which caused Autodesk Revit 2008 to crash during startup
- Have thinreg remove intermediate directories on uninstall
- Fixed problem where captured files on extra drives may not be visible on other machines
- Fixed problem where permission is denied during registry snapshot
- Prevent unnecessary copying of .exe files to the sandbox by ShellExecute
- Make tlink search its own directory for thinreg.exe when generating .msi files
- Add support for REG_QWORD in the build tools
- Enable window theming by apps which use SetWindowsHookex for this
- Added documentation for BlockSize and ExcludePattern

Version 3.300, Oct 30 2007
- Move BuildCache to local appdata so it won't be copied on login/logout for roaming profiles
- Fix launching of external document viewers from Outlook
- Added SetFileSystemIsolation and SetRegistryIsolation API functions
- Added ReserveExtraAddressSpace option
- During virtual app startup, register fonts installed by the app even if they were installed outside the %Fonts% directory
- Fix .ini file handling on MBCS systems
- Improve handling of MS-style short pathnames
- Pass service manager calls for other hosts on to Windows
- Handle MUI files on Vista
- Fix issue where services shutdown would get stuck in an infinite loop
- Fix issue where DLLs loaded with LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCHPATH_FLAG were not found

Version 3.210,Sept 11 2007
- Added MSI Generation capability
- ThinReg updated to support unregistration via command-line
- ThinReg updated to support specification of filetypes not captured in original package
- ThinReg fixed to support some file types associations that did not previously work

Version 3.203,Sept 11 2007
- Updated support for newer cygwin tools which use NtCreateFile/NtReadFile directly
- Added ThinReg utility for automatic Shortcut & File type associations

Version 3.146, Aug 27 2007
- Add SandboxPath Package.ini setting
- Fix automatic configuration of Office using Office Customization Tool
- Added script function AddForcedVirtualLoadPath which indicates Thinstall should load all DLLs in a directory instead of Windows even if the DLLs exist outside of the Package
- Fixed tlink, vftool, and vregtool so they don't pause when not run from a console
- Add Package.ini setting to override version resource strings
- Don't show EULA for console processes running without visible console
- Fix creation of Exchange accounts in Outlook
- Added isolation options for Shared memory objects and synchronization objects
- Added ability to control sandbox path in Package.ini
- Added more documentation for Package.ini options
- Fixed issue where virtualized IE6 may lockup because of shared memory object with explorer.exe
- Fixed issue where comctl32.dll was not able to load AVI files from virtual filesystem
- Fixed issue where IE6 crashes on startup on Vista (still has a few other issues on Vista)
- Fixed problem where SearchPath fails for paths that absolute paths that start with "\"
- Fixed issue where options set in [BuildOptions] are not overwritten by options set in individual [App.exe] sections
- Added RegConnectRegistry
- Fixed problem where SxS would load the incorrect version of system DLLs when policy redirects are in place
- Fixed issue where Outlook 2007 is unagle to change signatures or stationary/fonts
- Partial support for Debug API
- Fixed issue with Petrel.1 where DLL sections have both "uninitialized" and "initialized" flags set
- Fixed issue where single-use out-of-process COM servers were not being unregistered after use
- Fixed issue where apps with DEP enabled would be terminated by Vista when exceptions occur
- Added VirtualDrives support, this is automatically added to projects by SetupCapture

Version 3.128, July 11 2007
- Fix account creation wizard in Outlook. Also fixes some MSI installer popups on first run of Office apps
- Fix hang of Adobe Reader 8.1 on machines which don't have .NET installed
- Auto-start virtual services even when those services are installed on the physical system too

Version 3.127, July 9 2007
- Improved GUI for selecting user-accessable EXEs to build
- Setup Capture will pickup application command-line parameters and alternate icon automatically
- Fixed outlook lock-up issue
- Fixed issue with cygwin stack
- Added AutoShutdownServices BuildOption for Package.ini. NOTE: the default behaviour is now to shutdown services when the last non-service process exits, the old behaviour was to keep services running. If you want the old behaviour, add "AutoShutdownServices=0" to the [BuildOptions] section in your Package.ini file
- Fixed issue where Outlook 2003 would show an error "Can't find Outlook:today" on Windows 2003
- Fixed hang of Adobe Reader 5 when running as Guest on Windows 2000
- Don't hardcode C:\Program Files in the Setup Capture-generated build.bat, use the correct localized directory

Version 3.118, June 23 2007
- Fixed issue where .net 2.0 ngen images would crash when relocated in memory
- Fixed installer to support NT4
- Fixed registry handle leak
- Support command-line arguments for 16bit apps
- Fixed problem where some directories were not visible to 16bit apps as 8.3 paths
- Some fixes for Outlook 2007 on vista
- Fixed issue where fonts registered during install may not be visible
- Resolves unicode issue with registry values and subkeys
- Improved support for msi installer service

Version 3.111, June 6 2007
- Fixed problem where deleting system file using a shortname will cause a subsequent create operation to fail
- Fixed issue where "Could net verify license" message box appears for some child processes
- Fix for Autodesk DWG Trueview 2007

Version 3.104, May 23 2007

- Added Sandbox Merge Utility, allows you to merge sandbox modification back into a project
- Fixed issue with Photoshop CS3, may fix some other adobe products
- Experimental support for Win3.1 (16-bit) applications (full support with 3.2)
- Fixed out-of-process COM issues
- MSI Installer service is disabled for this release, we'll have better support in the next release
- Fixed problem where logging would lock-up on Vista
- Fixed Thread local storage problem
- Fixed issues with SQL Express 2005

Version 3.085, May 3 2007

- Fixed issues with MSDE
- Fixed problem with launching Outlook control panel
- Fixed problem where there is a 20 second pause when services do not startup
- Fixed problem where .ini files may be written to if they pre-exist in on the system
- Fixed problem where load/unload/load sequences for some DLLs could cause a crash
- Added support for RegGetValue (Vista)
- Fixed issue where Thread-local storage was not being allocated for threads created for services
- Added support for SetServiceBits
- Fixed issue where applications call registry functions with invalid buffer sizes

Version 3.081, Apr 9 2007

- Fixed short path problem where MSI thinks products are not installed correctly when it obtains two different shortpath values
- Fixed problem where applications calling registry queries with a buffer larger than 1GB of memory would cause a lock-up

Version 3.080, Apr 9 2007

- Now you can easily tell which version of Thinstall an EXE was built with by looking in the File Version information pane
- Added Package.ini option (RemoveSandboxOnExit=1) to delete sandbox after execution completes
- Added scripting callback function (
OnLastProcessExitwhich will be called when the last process quits
- Added ability to perform in-places updates to application while EXE files may be locked by users

Version 3.078, Apr 5 2007

- Update to correct Office XP DEP related bug
- Fixed problem with 3.077 where licenses could not be verified

Version 3.077

- Minor correction for 3.076 where Setup Capture now has a space in the filename for better readability

Version 3.076

- Fixed program in 3.066 where virtual file deletes would not work when located in shell folders
- Fixed issue where Textpad 5.0 showed plus signs for normal files
- Setup Capture & log monitor use XP manifest and look nicer on XP
- Update for CreateProcess to set correct error code on failure
- Fixed issues with
DWG Trueview 2007
- Fixed installer error "0xabba0205" which resulted if old files were left behind

Version 3.070

- Added "InventoryName" to package.ini, this will be used by desktop management and license control systems. Default value is the same as the sandbox name.
- Added ChildProcessEnvironmentDefault and ChildProcessEnvironmentExceptions to package.ini, allowing you to control what happens to child processes (run as system or virtual)
- Vregtool updated to support exporting .tvr registry files back to text format. Virtual registry text files can also mark registry subkeys and values as being deleted.
- Environment variable changes were accidently being excluded from snapshots in previous builds, this is now fixed.

Version 3.067, Mar 13 2007

- Fixed an issue where application may lock up if application threads do not quit and a force-kill occurs
- Fixed an issue where logging will lock-up if an application probes a registry key with more than 128K of data

Version 3.066, Mar 12 2007

- Virtual Registry is now scanned for corruption on startup, if detected a backup copy is used. We found registry can become corrupted on USB flash devices where the app was plugged in and out without "safe remove"
- SetupCapture with add a commented-out section to run Internet Explorer for using IE plugins
- Fixed an issue where Thinstalled Internet Explorer would crash when McAfee Enterprise Anti-virus script blocker was installed
- Added package.ini option VirtualizeExternalOutOfProcessCOM (default is 1). This allows you execute all Out-of-process COM objects on the system without being loaded into the virtual environment
- Now you can determine which version of Thinstall an application has been packaged by running with "package.exe -ThinstallVersion"
- SetupCapture displays status messages in main window instead of seperate DOS window
- Fix to enable NT4
- Update to services, some support for shared process services
- Allowed access to device drivers referenced through \\?\ format
- Setup Capture no longer scans HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG, this subtree is not needed for applications
- Fixed issue where Vista native File/Open dialogs crash under Thinstall
- Added support for

Version 3.052, Feb 9 2007

- Virtual Registry is now scanned for corruption on startup, if detected a backup copy is used. We found registry can become corrupted on USB flash devices where the app was plugged in and out without "safe remove"
- SetupCapture with add a commented-out section to run Internet Explorer for using IE plugins
- Fixed an issue where Thinstalled Internet Explorer would crash when McAfee Enterprise Anti-virus script blocker was installed
- Added package.ini option VirtualizeExternalOutOfProcessCOM (default is 1). This allows you execute all Out-of-process COM objects on the system without being loaded into the virtual environment
- Now you can determine which version of Thinstall an application has been packaged by running with "package.exe -ThinstallVersion"

Version 3.051, Feb 9 2007

- Fixed problem where message "Could not verify Thinstall License" would appear on startup when running from Guest Accounts and sub processes
- Fixed problem where File/Open dialog would not show files for Desktop and My Documents on Vista
- Fixed problem where Helppane.exe was being launched on process shutdown for MFC apps on Vista
- By default network mapped drives and removable disk will not be sandboxed/isolated, you can change this with an option in package.ini
Fixed problem with out-of-process single-use COM objects, 2nd instances were not being registered
- Added package.ini option to specify specific COM object IDs which should be created on the system instead of virtual environment

Version 3.043, Jan 30 2007

- Fixed "ExecuteVirtualProcess", added documentation for script API "ExpandPath"
- Added Script function WaitForProcess
- ExecuteVirtualProcess and ExecuteExternalProcess will now return a process ID
- Updated SetupCapture so ##Attributes.ini is stripped out for %Desktop% and %Personal% so subdirectories are not redirected to sandbox
- Fixed problem with past release where %Desktop% and %Personal% always used default isolation level instead of specified level
- Fixed problem where applications could not access COM and LPT ports
- Fixed problem with ActivePerl where probes for virtual file security info would fail
- Fixed problem for TeamMate Audit Management System
- Setupcapture will now exclude HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\CurrentControlSet\control from captures (was capturing computername)
- Fixed Data Execution Prevention problem for Office products that occurs on w2k3 when DEP is enabled
- Fixed problem with Acrobat Reader 8 where Last Access Time for parent directories was incorrect
- Changed virtual services so that the WMI service can be accessed by virtualized applications

Version 3.035
Fixed problem for 64bit Windows XP for EXE that support addresses above 2GB.
- Added Scripting support.
- Fixed problem with Office XP activation system running on Windows 2003
- Setup Capture will now scan other drives besides just drive c:

Version 3.032
Fixed problem where "My Pictures" and "My Music" would be placed in sandbox instead of on host PC by default
- Fixed problem with registered out-of-process COM objects being using as in-process objects
- Added support for executing .cmd files

Version 3.031

- Fixed Installer Package for Windows Vista
- Generated EXE and Shortcut EXEs are smaller because we only include the first icon, you can force all icons to be included
- You can now specify a .ico file for an applicaiton icon in addition to an .EXE file. You can also use NULL for no icon.
- Optimized Registry access - applications that use a lot of registry keys will start faster.
- Fixed problem where Outlook 2003 crashes on exit
- Fixed startup issue for Outlook XP Edition
- Added better support for handling application with a large number of files, vftool should comfortably handle applications with 100,000+ files
- Fix where Skype would get stuck in endless loop during connection

Version 3.023
LogMonitor File/Open dialog now shows *.trace files
- Fixed package.ini option "WorkingDirectory=", SetupCapture will automatically add this entry for shortcuts which specify a working directory
- Fixed registry bug where Skype did not work, may fix some network apps as well. This change required a virtual registry format change, so previously deployed apps will lose their Sandbox data if you upgrade the EXE and don't change the sandbox name.
- Fixed problem where App Paths should be inherited by child processes, fixes Gimp
- Added work-around for Symmantec AV where it would scan the entire EXE from a network drive for any app that uses networking. Now apps should start up quickly from network shares when SAV is installed.
- Fixed problem where status bar never disappears when parent process does not create any windows
- Licensed versions of Thinstall are now available, if you have purchased Thinstall VS the web server will automatically provide you with a licensed download.
If you have existing projects, all that needs to done is rebuild the apps using this new licensed version and they will not time out. The applications should display a Thinstall statusbar message saying something like "Licenced to Company XYZ" during startup.
- End user license agreement for Thinstall was added and is displayed for applications that contain the Thinstall VOS on first execution by a new user. If you have a license agreement, this can be turned off if you accept the EULA on behalf of your users, and you are deploying only internally within your company or otherwise have the legal right to accept the EULA terms for your users.
- Fixed problem with Office XP, where it might crash during Activation
- Fixed problem where SetupCapture did not continue after reboot (hopefully we really got it this time!)
- Fixed problem where winamp would not remember .ini setting changes if an .ini was included in the original package
- Added Work-around for running on systems with TestComplete installed, TC has a bug that will sporadically hang processes with multiple threads on shutdown.
- Added some COM related logging
- Fixed problem with SafeCast work-around that could crash File/Open dialog on Windows 2000

Version 3.017
Fixed problem where File/Open dialog may crash from 3.015
- Fixed problem for Trillian
- Fixed problem where some captured MSI packages on w2k did not work on xp (outlook 2003), you will need to recapture the package to get this fixed

Version 3.015
SetupCapture will now include environment variables in the capture, the PATH variable is treated special
- Fixed bug where many .NET 2.0 would not work, there are not any known .NET 2.0 issues now
- Fixed bug in services which were causing some apps built with 3.010 to crash
- Improved services support: DeleteService, EnumServices, EnumDependentServices, etc.
- CreateProcess now supports .bat files
- Improved out-of-process COM for Vista
- Fixed problem where registry last-modified time stamps may return invalid dates
- Fixed OpenFile problem for Adobe Acrobat 4.0
- Log monitor will now exclude more entries from the potential errors section which are not actually errors
- Added compatability for running FlexLM and SafeDisc

Version 3.010
Added initial support for virtual services
- Added support services based COM objects
- Added support for Active Directory authentication
- Fixed problem where installing an application update (overwriting the original EXE) may prevent the app from running again
- Added "Icon=" option on package.ini to allow you to specify an alternate icon. Currently this is limited to pointing to an EXE, but later we'll add support for .ico files
- Fixed problems where some COM creation calls failed on Windows Vista
- Added status update print for tlink for large builds
- Turned on compression of VOS, so it takes 340k on disk instead of 1MB.
- We've added a blog
and discussion forum for beta users

Version 3.007

- Fixed problem where some apps would crash and consume 100% CPU on exit
- Fixed problem where setup capture would not continue after reboot during the capture process
- Active Directory integration, environment variables, and command-line arguments didn't make it into this release we are still working out a few problems and were occupied with Citrix iForum this week. These will likely be in next Friday.
- Updated documentation about controlling sandbox locations.

Version 3.003
Fixed problem where applications did not run on Windows Vista
- Added new text registry output format for setup capture. This format is fast to generate and process as well as easy to edit and review.
- Added support for Outlook 2003 (may crash & chew CPU on quit)
- Added support Oracle 10g client (Oracle 10g still needs better shortcut EXE generation)
- Added sandbox locking mechanism to prevent problems where 2 computers try to write to the same virtual registry over a network simultaneously, if multiple computers try to create sandboxes at the same location they will create a unique directory with their computer name
- Made %Desktop% Merged Isolation by default - allowing users to save files to their desktop (previously went to desktop)
- Added support for compressed packages (still needs compression for VOS & Virtual Registry)