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IsolatedSynchronizationObjects - List specific synchronization objects to isolation from other applications

Windows has several different named Synchronization objects :

- Mutex, accessed using OpenMutex & CreateMutex
- Semaphore, accessed using OpenSemaphore & CreateSemaphore
- Events, accessed using OpenEvent & CreateEvent

By default Thinstall will not isolate Synchronization objects. You can specify a list of sychronization objects to isolate from other applications not running in the same virtual namespace. A namespace is defined by the location of the application's sandbox. If two applications share the same sandbox path, they will have the same namespace for isolated SynchronizationObjects. If two applications have the same sandbox name, but the path to the sandbox is different, the applications will have separate namespaces.

IsolatedSychronizationObjects accepts a list of entries that are separated using the ';' character. Each entry can have wildcards characters '*' and '?' to match variable patterns.

Isolate two synchronization objects, matching anything with "outlook" in the name and one matching exactly "My Shared Object" 
IsolatedSychronizationObjects=*outlook*;My Shared Object  

See also: IsolatedMemoryObjects

This option requires Thinstall 3.133 or higher.