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sbmerge (Sandbox Merge)

Sandbox Merge (sbmerge.exe) is used to merge runtime changes recorded in the application sandbox back into a Thinstall project.
A typical work-flow for using sbmerge looks like this:

1. Use Setup Capture to create a Thinstall project
2. Build Thinstalled Application using build.bat
3. Run Thinstalled Application, customize user settings and virtual environment -> changes go to sandbox
4. Run sbmerge to merge registry and file system changes from sandbox into Thinstall project
5. Build updated Thinstalled Application using build.bat
6. Deploy updated Thinstalled Application (includes customizations from step 3)

sbmerge.exe Print [OptionalParameters]
sbmerge.exe Apply [Optional Parameters]
Optional Parameters:
[-ProjectDir PathToProject] [-SandboxDir PathToSandbox]
[-Quiet] [-Exclude ExcludeFile.ini]

Main Operation

Print will display sandbox changes. This is a non-destructive operation, no modifications will be made to the sandbox or original project.

Apply will merge changes from the sandbox into the specified project. The project registry and filesystem will be updated to reflect changes from the sandbox. The sandbox directory will be deleted when this operation completes.

Optional Parameters

-ProjectDir specifies project directory, default = current directory

-SandboxDir specifies sandbox location, default = active sandbox

-Quiet will not print progess messages

-Exclude specifies an exclusion file (which files & keys to ignore)

Example Usage

c:\myproject> sbmerge Print
Prints changes that are recorded in the sandbox 

c:\myproject> sbmerge Apply
Merges the changes from the sandbox into the project directory located at c:\myproject  
sbmerge uses the normal search order for sandbox probing  
c:\somedir> sbmerge Apply -ProjectDir c:\myproject

c:\somedir> sbmerge Apply -ProjectDir c:\myproject -SandboxDir "c:\documents and settings\username\application data\thinstall\myproject"