Package.ini format
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The Package.ini file contains one [BuildOptions] and one or more individual [Application.exe] sections.

The [BuildOptions] apply to all applications, and any options set in this section will be inherited by individual applications, unless the application section specifically overrides these settings.

General Options
CompressionType - Controls what type of compression is used  
DisableTracing - Prevents .trace file generation when Log Monitor is running  
UpgradePath - Location to probe for new versions of the application  
AddPageExecutePermission - Used to fix applications that don't work in DEP environments  
NetRelaunch - Controls whether to relaunch an application from the local disk when running from a net share or removable disk  
AutoStartServices - Determines if virtual services are automatically started when the first application starts  
AutoShutdownServices - Determines if virtual services are automatically stopped when the last application process exits  
LogPath - Controls where to store .trace files when logging  
VirtualDrives - Specifies additional drive letters that should be available to the application at runtime  

Sandbox Control
SandboxName - Sets name of directory where sandbox is created and stored  
SandboxPath - Controls the path where Thinstall will create and look for a new sandbox by default  
InventoryName - Optional string that is used for package indentification by inventory control systems  
SandboxNetworkDrives - Determines if network-mapped drives will have sandboxing applied  
SandboxRemovableDisk - Determines if removable disk will have sandboxing applied  
RemoveSandboxOnExit - Resets the application by deleting the sandbox when the last child process exits  
Isolation & Virtualization Granuality
ExternalCOMObjects - Controls weither a specific COM object CLSID will be created by Thinstall or by Windows  
VirtualizeExternalOutOfProcessCOM - Controls whether external out-of-process COM objects are run in the virtual environment  
ChildProcessEnvironmentDefault - Determines if child processes are run in the virtual environment by default  
ChildProcessEnvironmentExceptions - Enables exceptions as the default child execution policy  
DirectoryIsolationMode - Controls default isolation for directories in package  
ExternalDLLs - Force some DLLs to be loaded by Windows  
IsolatedMemoryObjects - Lists specific shared memory objects to isolate from other applications  
IsolatedSynchronizationObjects - Lists specific synchronization objects to isolate from other applications  
RegistryIsolationMode - Controls default isolation for registry keys in package  
MSI Generation
MSIDefaultInstallAllUsers - Set default installation mode of the MSI database  
MSIFilename - Enable generation of an MSI database and specify its filename  
MSIInstallDirectory - Specify the final path component of the default installation directory  
MSIManufacturer - Specify the manufacturer to put in the MSI database  
MSIProductCode - Specify a product code for the MSI database  
MSIProductVersion - Specify a product version number for the MSI database  
MSIRequireElevatedPrivileges - Mark the MSI database as "requires elevated privileges"  
MSIUpgradeCode - Specify an upgrade code for the MSI database 

Access Control

PermittedGroups - Restricts usage of package to a specific set of Active Directory groups  
AccessDeniedMsg - Holds error message to display to user if they do not have permission to run package  
Application-Specific Options
Disabled - Indicates that a build target is a placeholder and thus should not generate an EXE 
Icon - Indicates which icon file to use for the generated EXE file  
CommandLine - Specify command line arguments for a shortcut executable  
NoRelocation - Strips relocation information from the resulting executable  
RetainAllIcons - Indicates all of the source EXEs' original icons should be retained in the Thinstalled EXE files  
Source - Points to the EXE file which will be initially loaded by Thinstall  
ReserveExtraAddressSpace - Indicates how much extra address space needs to be reserved for the Thinstalled executable  
Shortcut - Points to the name of the Thinstall generated EXE which will host the package data  
StripVersionInfo - Removes all version information from the source EXE when building the target application 
WorkingDirectory - Sets the current working directory before the application starts  
Version.XXXX - Used to override EXE version strings or add new version strings  

Example package.ini file

SandboxName=MainApp v1.0