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ExcludePattern - Allows you to exclude specify files to exclude during the build process.

This option can be used to exclude specific files or directories from a project determined dynamically at build time. The list of patterns is specified with a comma separator where * matches 0 or more following characters and '?' matches exactly one character similar to the DOS "dir" command. Unlike DOS "dir" command syntax, wild characters can be applied to both directories names and filenames.

ExcludePattern can be specified in two places:

1. Package.ini file: in this case, the pattern exclusion will apply to the entire directory structure
2. ##Attributes.ini: in this case, the pattern exclusion will be added to the current list of exclusions and apply only to this directory and sub directories. In this manner you can have different exclusion list for different directories in your project.


' Exclude any path that ends with .bak or .msi

' Exclude any any directories called .svn or .cvs (and all subdirectories)
' Note: because of starting "\" character this pattern will not match filenames or directories that contain ".svn" or ".cvs" in the middle of their string