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Scripting allows you to execute custom code before starting an application packaged with Thinstall or after an application exits.

Callback functions allow you to specify when blocks of code will execute.
API functions allow you to execute Thinstall-specific functions and interact with the Thinstall runtime.

Q. How do I add scripts to my application?
A. Create a ansi text file with the .vbs file extension in the root project directory for an application (i.e. the same directory where package.ini is located). During the build process, Thinstall will add all of the script files to your EXE file and then at runtime, it will execute each of these script files.

Q. My script is executing too many times, how can I execute it only once?
A. Many applications will create child processes, and scripts will execute for child process as well. To execute code only in the main parent process, use callback functions.

Q. What is the format for script files, and what functions can I use?
Thinstall uses VB Script to execute script files, so any valid VB Script will load an execute under Thinstall. Click here for Microsoft's VB Script User Guide. VB script can be used to access COM controls registered on the host system, or registered within the virtual package.