Sandbox Overview
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The sandbox holds runtime modifications that applications make as they are running. The original EXE that you have built never changes, so it can be placed in a shared folder with read-only access.

The name of a sandbox (SANDBOXNAME) is specified in the package.ini file prior to build.

Under normal circumstances, the sandbox is stored under %AppData%\Thinstall\SANDBOXNAME. On Windows XP this path would be C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\SANDBOXNAME.

During startup, Thinstall searches for an existing Sandbox in the following locations in the order listed below. If a sandbox already exists, Thinstall will use the existing sandbox rather than creating a new one.

Search using an application-specific environment variable

Example: If SANDBOXNAME="Mozilla Firefox 1.0" then the environment variable "Mozilla Firefox 1.0_SANDBOX_DIR.ComputerName" is consulted

Search using a global environment variable that applies to all Thinstalled applications



Search for an application-specific 'local' sandbox

5. ExeDirectory\SANDBOXNAME.ComputerName
6. ExeDirectory\SANDBOXNAME

Search for a 'local' sandbox for all Thinstalled applications

7. ExeDirectory\Thinstall\SANDBOXNAME.ComputerName
8. ExeDirectory\Thinstall\SANDBOXNAME

Use the value "
SandboxPath=" from Package.ini to determine a custom sandbox path this option is set

Search in the user's "Application Data\Thinstall" folder for a sandbox

9. %AppData%\Thinstall\SANDBOXNAME.ComputerName
10. %AppData%\Thinstall\SANDBOXNAME

If an existing sandbox cannot be found, Thinstall will create a new sandbox. Thinstall creates a new sandbox using the following logic:

1. If SANDBOXNAME_SANDBOX_DIR environment variable is set, try to create a sandbox at this location
2. If THINSTALL_SANDBOX_DIR environment variable is set, try to create a sandbox at this location
3. If SANDBOXPATH Package.ini option is set, try to create a sandbox at this location
4. Try to create a sandbox in the user %AppData%\Thinstall folder

SANDBOXNAME and SANDBOXPATH come from the Package.ini file

Example Scenarios:

Scenario: I want to run from USB Flash and have my sandbox load and save to the same directory where the EXE is located
How to accomplish: Set "SandboxPath=." in your package.ini file in the [BuildOptions] section.

Scenario: My users have a mapped drive to store their files and I want the sandbox stored on the mapped drive.
How to accomplish:
Option 1. Use "SandboxPath=z:\Sandbox" if the drive is always mapped to the same letter
Option 2. In the user login script, set the environment variable "THINSTALL_SANDBOX_DIR=z:\Sandbox". Any Thinstalled application run after setting this variable will use z:\Sandbox for it's sandbox storage location.