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ExternalDLLs - Force some DLLs to be loaded by Windows.

By default, Thinstall determines whether it should load DLLs itself or pass the loading on to Windows. If the DLL is located in the virtual filesystem, Thinstall will load the DLL itself. In some circumstances, it is required to have Windows load the DLL, even if it is in the virtual filesystem. An example of this is a DLL that is "injected" in other processes, using a mechanism known as "Windows hooks". For hooks to work, the DLL implementing the hook must be available on the host filesystem and be loaded by Windows. When you specify a DLL in ExternalDLLs, the DLL is extracted from the virtual filesystem into the sandbox and Windows is instructed to load it from there.
Note that the usefulness of this option is limited. If the DLL depends on other DLLs which are located in the virtual filesystem Windows won't be able to load it. You can check dependencies using Dependency walker

This instructs Thinstall to pass loading of "inject.dll" and "injectme2.dll" on to Windows 

This option requires Thinstall version 3.324 or higher