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SandboxPath - Controls the path where Thinstall will create a new sandbox by default
This creates the default Sandbox in the same directory as the EXE  
This creates the default Sandbox in a subdirectory under where the EXE is located 
This creates the default Sandbox in the user's AppData folder under the subdirectory Thinstall 
This creates the default Sandbox on a network mapped drive 
If an application is meant to run only from portable media such as USB Flash devices, SandboxPath= can be used to force the application to use a local sandbox. It is also possible to control the default location of the Sandbox using environment variables or by creating a "Thinstall" directory. Environment variables and a local "Thinstall" directory will take precendence over the path specified by SandboxPath.  
See Sandbox Overview for more details on Sandbox creation and probing works.  
This option requires Thinstall 3.133 or higher.