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ReserveExtraAddressSpace - Indicates how much extra address space needs to be reserved for the Thinstalled executable

Normally, TLink will set the SizeOfImage field in the generated executable based on the SizeOfImage field of the source executable. The SizeOfImage field is used by the Windows loader to determine how much virtual address space to reserve for the executable. In special circumstances (when you're building a package based on a source executable which is not included in the package), you can reserve extra virtual address space by specifying the ReserveExtraAddressSpace option. The value is the number of extra bytes to reserve. Optionally, you can follow the number by "K" to indicate kilobytes or "M" to indicate megabytes. The default value is 0 (don't reserve extra address space.


Tell the Windows loader to reserve 512KB of extra address space 

Tell the Windows loader to not reserve any extra address space (default) 

This option requires Thinstall version 3.215 or higher