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IsolatedMemoryObjects - List specific shared memory objects to isolate from other applications

Shared memory objects are created by applications using CreateFileMapping and OpenFileMapping. Shared memory objects can be named or anonymous; when the objects are named, they will be visible to other applications running in the same user account. Sometimes, it is desirable to isolate shared memory objects so that virtual applications cannot see system objects and vice-versa. By default, Thinstall will only isolate shared memory objects used by embedded Internet Explorer instances, because there is a known conflict with between explorer.exe and iexplore.exe when they map sandboxed files. You can use this option to isolate additional named shared memory objects so they are visible only to other virtual applications using the same sandbox.

IsoaltedMemoryObjects accepts a list of entries that are separated using the ';' character. Each entry can have wildcard characters '*' and '?' to match variable patterns.

Isolate two shared memory objects, matching anything with "outlook" in the name and one matching exactly "My Shared Object" 
IsolatedMemoryObjects=*outlook*;My Shared Object  
See Also: IsolatedSychronizationObjects

This option requires Thinstall 3.133 or higher.