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NetRelaunch - Controls whether to relaunch an application from the local disk when running from a net share or removable disk

By default, Thinstall will automatically detect if an application is being run from a network drive or removable disk, and will relaunch the application using a local fixed disk. This is to resolve a problem in which Symantec Anti-Virus tries to perform a complete scan of an EXE under some conditions, and this scan can have a big impact on launch times for large EXE files located network shares.

When Symantec AV decides to perform a full file-scan:
· If EXE is launched from a network share or removable disk (it skips the scan when the EXE is located on the hard drive)  
· When the EXE makes its first network connection (it does not scan the EXE if the EXE does not make any network connections)  

Because a large number of desktops have SAV installed, Thinstall automatically compensates for this by allowing applications to launch from a network share without incurring the lengthy scan times. It does so by creating a small stub executable in the user's sandbox which is then relaunched. Because the small executable can be scanned quickly it will load the remainder of the application data from the original source location. You can disable this default behavior by adding the package.ini option:

If your application is small in size or you know that SAV is not installed on the desktops you are deploying to, you may want to turn off NetRelaunch for better first-time launch performance.


This will disable relaunching of the application locally on a fixed disk

If launched from a network drive, re-launch using a local stub (default)