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AddPageExecutePermission - Used to fix applications that don't work in DEP environments

Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003, and above have a feature called Data Execution Prevention which is designed to protect against some security exploits that occur with buffer overflows. Because this feature causes a number of compatibility issues, it is turned off by default on XP SP2 and it is possible to use an machine-specific opt-in or opt-out list of which applications to apply DEP protection to. Opt-in and opt-out policies can be difficult to manage when a large number of machines and applications are involved. This option instructs Thinstall to add Execution Permission to pages allocated by an application so that it can run on machines that have DEP protection enabled, without having to modify the opt-out list.


Disable some Data Execution protections for this particular application 
Don't mess with DEP protections (default)