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MSIInstallDirectory – Specify the final path component of the default installation directory

This option has an effect only when generation of a Windows Installer database is requested via the MSIFilename option.
By default, packages will install in "%ProgramFilesDir%\<InventoryName> (Thinstalled)" (for a per-machine install). You can change the last component in the default install path by using the MSIInstallDir option. For example, if you set "MSIInstallDirectory=ExampleDir" then the default install dir (for per-machine installs) will be "%ProgramFilesDir%\ExampleDir".
This option can only be used to change the last component of the default install path. If you want to change the whole path, specify a "INSTALLDIR=<full_path>" on the installer command line.

This creates a .msi file that will be installed to c:\Program Files\My Applicaiton\  
MSIInstallDirectory=My Application  

This option requires Thinstall version 3.210 or higher