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RemoveSandboxOnExit - Resets the application by deleting the sandbox when the last child process exits

All application modifications to registry and filesystem locations that have isolation modes set to WriteCopy or Full will go to a "Sandbox" directory. By default, the sandbox directory is left behind so that settings will be persistent across multiple executions of the application. In some cases, it may be desirable to "wipe the slate clean" each time the application exits. This option instructs Thinstall to delete the sandbox directory when the application exits. If the application creates child processes, the sandbox will not be deleted until all child processes exit. In some cases, applications may leave children behind by design; this can stop the clean-up operation from occuring. For example Office 2003 leaves behind a process called ctfmon.exe. It may be necessary to use a script to kill ctfmon.exe and similar children in order to force this cleanup operation to occur.

Note: You can also decide dynamically at runtime whether to delete the sandbox on exit by using the Script API function "RemoveSandboxOnExit"

This instructs Thinstall to delete the sandbox when the application exits 

This instructs Thinstall to leave sandbox behind when the application exits (default)