Directory Services

Code Details

This section lists the source code for the ADSI example provider component implementation. All source code references in this document are subject to change and are available in the example code directory included in the ADSI SDK.

Note  The IADs methods GetEx and PutEx are not implemented in the ADSI example provider component. This means that the code that implements Active Directory objects that inherit from IADs do not have GetEx and PutEx methods. This includes the schema class object that supports IADsClass, the property object that supports IADsProperty, the generic Active Directory object that supports IADs, and any container object that supports IADsContainer. In addition, syntax objects are not present in the example provider component. However, the ADSI architecture requires the syntax objects to be included in the schema container object, just as the schema class and property objects are.

The following source code files are included in the provider example directory in the Active Directory Service Interfaces SDK.

Source code file Description
cclsobj.cpp Schema class object routines.
cdispmgr.cpp Dispatch Manager implementation.
cenumns.cpp Namespace enumeration routines.
cenumsch.cpp Schema enumeration routines.
cenumobj.cpp Generic object enumeration routines.
cenumvar.cpp Base implementation for xxxEnumVariant derived classes.
cgenobj.cpp Generic object routines.
cnamcf.cpp Namespace class factory routines.
cnamesp.cpp Namespace object routines.
common.cpp Code common to all provider objects.
core.cpp Implementations for 'core' properties shared by all Active Directory objects.
cprops.cpp Property cache functionality.
cprov.cpp Top-level provider object routines.
cprovcf.cpp Top-level provider object class factory routines.
cprpobj.cpp Property object routines.
cschobj.cpp Schema object routines.
getobj.cpp GetObject functionality.
globals.cpp ADSI example provider component globals.
guid.cpp Example provider component CLSIDs and LIBIDs.
libmain.cpp Libmain for adssmp.dll.
memory.cpp Example provider component memory management routines.
pack.cpp Example provider component pack/unpack data in VARIANTs.
parse.cpp Path name parsing for example provider component namespace.
property.cpp Get and Put properties by name.
object.cpp Example provider component object type list code for filtering.
regdsapi.cpp Example provider component registry directory service APIs.
smpoper.cpp Data conversion routines.
stdfact.cpp Standard IClassFactory implementation.
adssmp.inf Example directory data store registry information. See Installing the Example Provider Component.