Directory Services


In the example provider component, the code that finds and binds to objects is in Getobj.cpp.

RelativeGetObject Gets an object relative to a given ADsPath.
GetObject Calls ADsObject (Parse.cpp) to verify the path syntax, validates that the path name has the right provider token and validate the object type. If no errors exist, create an instance of the correct type of object, and retrieve a pointer to the object's the IUnknown interface.
BuildADsPathFromDSPath Built an ADsPath string from the native directory path.
BuildDSTreeNameFromADsPath Use the ADsPath to create a possible tree directory path for the native directory path.
BuildDSPathFromADsPath Uses ADsPath and DSPathName.
BuildADsParentPath Build the ADsPath to the parent for this object.
GetNamespaceObject Validate and CoCreateInstance a example namespace object.
ValidateNamespaceObject Verify that the namespace object matches the current provider name.
ValidateProvider Validate provider name (case sensitive).
GetSchemaObject Validate and open the appropriate schema object type. Then create the right one, and retrieve the IUnknown interface pointer on it.
ValidateSchemaObject Verify that it is a valid schema object type.
ValidateObjectType Verify that the object type exists in the schema.
BuildSampleDSRootRDNFromADsPath Build the ADsPath to the root node for the example provider component.
BuildDSPathFromADsPath Uses ADsPath, DSRootRDN, and DSPathName.