Directory Services


In the example provider component, the enumeration of a container object uses the routines from cenumobj.cpp.

CSampleDSGenObjectEnum::Create Create an object to allow enumeration of generic Active Directory objects.
CSampleDSGenObjectEnum::CSampleDSGenObjectEnum Initialization.
CSampleDSGenObjectEnum::EnumGenericObjects Manage retrieving the objects.
CSampleDSGenObjectEnum::FetchObjects Fetch the set of IDispatch pointers that match the filter.
CSampleDSGenObjectEnum::FetchNextObject Retrieve an object and match against the filter. If it matches, wrap in generic object and return IDispatch pointer.
CSampleDSGenObjectEnum::EnumGenericObjects Manage retrieving the objects.
CSampleDSGenObjectEnum::Next Retrieve the specified number of elements from the enumeration object indicated.
CSampleDSGenObjectEnum::IsValidDSFilter See if object class matches one in the filter list.
CSampleDSGenObjectEnum::BuildDSFilterArray Manage the filter array.
CSampleDSGenObjectEnum::CreateAndAppendFilterEntry Add a new object class to the filter and make the filter contiguous.
FreeFilterList Free the filter.