Directory Services


In the example provider component, an example of a property cache implementation can be found in cprops.cpp.

CPropertyCache::addproperty Extend the property cache by adding a new one.
CPropertyCache::updateproperty Look up the property, free its contents, and use new values instead; then mark the cache changed for this property.
CPropertyCache::findproperty Look up this property by name; save its index.
CPropertyCache::getproperty Find the property in the cache if available, otherwise call GetInfo. Set the index and copy these new values in.
CPropertyCache::putproperty Find the property. Free what was there, and put new values in their place.
CPropertyCache::CPropertyCache Standard constructor.
CPropertyCache::~CPropertyCache Standard destructor.
CPropertyCache::createpropertycache Create the cache.
CPropertyCache::unboundgetproperty Find the property in the cache and set it to these values.
CPropertyCache::SampleDSMarshallProperties Marshal property information and values.
CPropertyCache::marshallproperty Marshal a property.
CPropertyCache::SampleDSUnMarshallProperties Unmarshal property information and values.
CPropertyCache::unmarshallproperty Unmarshal a property.