Directory Services


In the example provider component, the enumeration of a namespace object uses the routines from cenumns.cpp.

CSampleDSNamespaceEnum::Create Create an object to allow enumeration of an ADS namespace object.
CSampleDSNamespaceEnum::CSampleDSNamespaceEnum Standard constructor.
CSampleDSNamespaceEnum::~CSampleDSNamespaceEnum Standard destructor.
CSampleDSNamespaceEnum::Next Retrieve the specified number of elements from the namespace object indicated.
CSampleDSNamespaceEnum::EnumObjects Manage retrieving the interface pointers to the objects.
CSampleDSNamespaceEnum::FetchObjects Fetch the set of IDispatch pointers.
CSampleDSNamespaceEnum::FetchNextObject Fetch the next object. If found, create a generic Active Directory object and retrieve its IDispatch pointer.