Directory Services


In the example provider component, generic Active Directory object routines are in cgenobj.cpp.

CSampleDSGenObject::CSampleDSGenObject Standard constructor.
CSampleDSGenObject::~CSampleDSGenObject Standard destructor.
CSampleDSGenObject::CreateGenericObject Create an ADS generic object, initializing it as appropriate.
CSampleDSGenObject::SampleDSCreateObject Create this object in its parent container.
CSampleDSGenObject::SampleDSSetObject Save the properties of this object (flush the cache).
CSampleDSGenObject::AllocateGenObject Create a generic object and load its type information.
CSampleDSGenObject::QueryInterface Return the requested interface pointer if available.
CSampleDSGenObject:: Standard IADs methods, including implementations for: Get (including mapping from native data type to VARIANT type)

Put (including mapping from VARIANT type to native data type)

GetInfo (refreshing the property cache)

SetInfo (saving the property cache)

CSampleDSGenObject:: Standard IADsContainer methods, including implementations for: GetObject





ConvertSafeArrayToVariantArray Utility routine.