Directory Services


In the example provider component, the functions for the schema class object are contained in cclsobj.cpp.

The CSampleDSClass class is defined in this file. CSampleDSClass is defined with the following methods and properties.

Method Description
CSampleDSClass Standard constructor.
~CSampleDSClass Standard destructor.
CreateClass Create an ADs schema class object, looking up the attribute definitions by calling SampleDSGetClassDefinition.
CreateClass Given the attribute definitions, create a schema class object, setting any known attributes, such as the ones listed in IADsClass::MandatoryAttributes.
AllocateClassObject Create a schema class object and load its type information.
QueryInterface Return the requested interface pointer if available.
Standard IADs methods. The standard IADs interface methods are included in this file.
Standard IADsClass methods. The standard IADsClass interface methods are included in this file.
CreatePropertyList Create the appropriate list of properties associated with this schema class by calling CreatePropertyEntry.
CreatePropertyEntry Create one property object in this schema class.
FreePropertyEntry Free the entry made in CreatePropertyEntry.
MakeVariantFromPropList Make an array of VARIANTS from the property list created by CreatePropertyList. Can be used in the implementation of IADsClass::MandatoryAttributes and elsewhere.