Directory Services


In the example provider component, property object routines are in cprpobj.cpp.

CSampleDSProperty::CSampleDSProperty Standard constructor.
CSampleDSProperty::~CSampleDSProperty Standard destructor.
CSampleDSProperty::CreateProperty Create an ADS Property object, looking up the attribute definitions by calling SampleDSGetPropertyDefinition.
CSampleDSProperty::CreateProperty Given the attribute definition, create a property object, setting the correspondence between supported ADS syntaxes and the provider syntaxes.
CSampleDSProperty::AllocatePropertyObject Create a property object and load its type information.
CSampleDSProperty::QueryInterface Return the requested interface pointer if available.
CSampleDSProperty::IADs Standard IADs methods.
CSampleDSProperty::IADsProperty Standard IADsProperty methods.
MapSyntaxIdtoADsSyntax Set the correspondence between the syntax id and the ADS syntax.
MapSyntaxIdtoSampleDSSyntax Set the correspondence between the syntax id and the provider syntax.