Setting Compliance Accelerator system configuration options

Compliance Accelerator provides hundreds of configuration options with which you can customize the appearance and performance of the application. These configuration options are grouped into categories, as Table: Configuration settings by category explains.

Table: Configuration settings by category



Ad Hoc Searches

Configure the searches that users can initiate from their research folders.


Enable or disable the Compliance Accelerator troubleshooting facilities.

Document Conversion

Customize the error messages that Compliance Accelerator displays in the Review pane when it cannot open an item in the preview window of that pane.


Configure the output when users export or produce items from Compliance Accelerator for offline review.


Configure general Compliance Accelerator options.

Home Page

Control the appearance of the Home page of Compliance Accelerator.

Item Prefetch Cache

Configure the primary settings for the Compliance Accelerator prefetch cache mechanism. This mechanism is designed to speed up the rendering of items in the Review pane.

Item Prefetch Cache (Advanced)

Configure advanced settings for the prefetch cache mechanism.

Policy Integration

Integrate Compliance Accelerator with the Enterprise Vault Automatic Classification Engine to better flag items for inclusion in or exclusion from the review set.

Profile Synchronization

Control how Compliance Accelerator synchronizes user profiles with the corresponding Active Directory or Domino directory accounts.

Random Capture

Configure message sampling using the Journaling Connector.


Customize the appearance and functionality of the Review pane.


Optimize the search features in Compliance Accelerator.


Implement Chinese walls security restrictions on what users can access in Compliance Accelerator. You can also choose whether to make the SQL Server SystemAdmin logon the creator and owner of Compliance Accelerator search schedules.


Record the dates on which you installed Enterprise Vault and began to archive data, and more.

Vault Directory Synchronization

Configure when Compliance Accelerator synchronizes with the Enterprise Vault archives.

You must have the Modify System Configuration permission to change the configuration settings. By default, only users with the role of Compliance System Admin have this permission.

To set system configuration options

  1. Click the Configuration tab in the Compliance Accelerator client, and then click the Settings tab.

  2. Click the plus sign at the left of a section name to list the associated settings.

    Alternatively, type some characters in the filter box at the top of the window to search for the configuration options that contain those characters. For example, type Color to find all the options that contain this word in their names.

  3. For each setting whose value you want to change, do the following in the order listed:

    • Click the value in the Value column.

    • Set the required value.

    • Click outside the Value column.

  4. When you have set all the required options, click Save.

  5. If you have changed any setting that has a tick in its Restart Required column, restart the Enterprise Vault Accelerator Manager service on the Compliance Accelerator server to put your changes into effect.

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