Security configuration options

Use these settings to implement Chinese walls security restrictions on what users can access in Compliance Accelerator.

A Chinese wall is a metaphor used to refer to the practice of ensuring that different parts of an organization are kept apart so that information does not circulate freely and to prevent conflicts of interest. By implementing Chinese walls, you can stop users in one part of your organization from giving access to departments and folders to users in another part of the organization.

Bypass Department Users Permissions check when removing all roles

Lets users who do not have the Manage Department User permission remove Department Users from departments.

Enable Chinese Wall Department Users

Prevents users from being assigned to roles in a department unless they have first been assigned to the Department User role in that department.

Use SQL Server 2005 SystemAdmin Server Role for Schedules

When selected, makes the SystemAdmin logon the creator and owner of Compliance Accelerator search schedules.

If you want to lock down your SQL Server instance, uncheck this setting and then do the following in the order listed:

  • Add the Vault Service account to the msdb database.

  • Give the Vault Service account Select permissions on the following msdb tables: sysjobs, sysjobschedules, sysjobsteps, and sysschedules.

  • Give the Vault Service account Execute permissions on the msdb stored procedure sp_add_category.

  • Assign the database role SQLAgentUserRole to the Vault Service account.

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