Reviewing configuration options

Use these settings to configure the Review pane.

Default Page Size

Specifies the default number of items to show in the Review pane. Enter a value in the range 1 through 1000, where the default is 100.

Display Marking List

Specifies how to show the available marks in the Review pane: as clickable options across the bottom of the page, or in a drop-down list. By default, Compliance Accelerator shows the marks as clickable options rather than as options in a drop-down list.

ECM Temporary Storage Area

Specifies the path to the folder in which temporarily to store the items that you retrieve by using the Enterprise Vault Content Management API. By default, Compliance Accelerator uses the Windows %TEMP% folder.

Note the following:

  • We recommend that you specify a local path, where possible. If you must specify a network share path, always use the UNC path rather than a mapped drive.

  • The folder must already exist; Compliance Accelerator does not create it.

  • In a hosting environment, multiple customers must not share the same folder.

ECM Temporary Storage Area Cleanup Interval (Minutes)

Specifies the frequency in minutes with which to purge stale data from the temporary storage area. The default value is five minutes.

Facets To Hide

Provides a comma-separated list of the filter options that are not available to users in the Review pane. The available options are as follows:

appraisalid, appraiserid, author, capturedate, capturetype, commentid, direction, escalatedbyid, escalationid, escalationownerid, maildate, numattachments, policyaction, policyid, reviewerid, scheduledsearchid, searchid, size, type.

Folder item color when it exists in the review set

Specifies the color with which to identify the items in a research folder that already exist in the associated review set. The default color is red.

Highlight Background Color

Specifies the background color with which to highlight instances of search terms in HTML renderings of items. You can enter a color name, such as "Yellow" (the default color), or a red-green-blue color value, such as "#FFFF00".

Highlight Foreground Color

Specifies the foreground color with which to highlight instances of search terms in HTML renderings of items. You can enter a color name, such as "Black" (the default color), or a red-green-blue color value, such as "#000000".

Hit Highlighting Type

Specifies whether to enable or disable search highlighting in HTML renderings of items. Set the value to 1 (the default) if you want to highlight instances of search terms in items, or to 0 to disable highlighting.

Item Unlocking Thread

Specifies whether to turn on or off the lock cleanup thread, which unlocks any items that have been accidentally left locked. For example, this may be the case if a reviewer's computer or Compliance Accelerator client stops working during a reviewing session. By default, the thread is turned on.

Label for messages without a subject

Specifies the subject line to assign to those items that do not have a subject line. The default is "No Title".

Maximum items user can temporarily self-assign

Sets a limit on the number of items that users can temporarily assign to themselves while they review. The default is 10000.

Maximum Page Size

Specifies the maximum number of items to list on a page within a review set. Enter a value between 1 and 300, where the default is 300.

Review Grid File

Lets you download and upload an XML file with which to define the column layout in the Review pane for all users.

Review Set Expiry Time (Minutes)

Specifies the number of minutes of inactivity after which a user's review set expires. The default value is 120 minutes.

Sanitize HTML for review

Specifies whether to preprocess HTML items before review to remove any script that may cause navigation problems. By default, Compliance Accelerator preprocesses the items.

Show Appraisal UI

For users with the Apply Appraisal Status permission, specifies whether to hide or show the appraisal system features in the Review pane and Export pane.

Timeout for building or sorting review set (seconds)

Specifies the number of seconds within which Compliance Accelerator must build a review set or sort a review set before the process times out. The default is 300.

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