Random Capture configuration options

Use these settings to configure item sampling using the Journaling Connector.

Cache backup location

When cache safety mode is enabled, specifies a location for the cache folder. It is better to enter a local path for performance reasons, but you can also enter a network share path. The account that runs the Enterprise Vault Accelerator Manager service must have full access to this folder. If the folder does not exist and the service has the appropriate permissions, the folder is created.

Cache safety mode

Specifies whether to make a local copy of the items that the Journaling Connector has flagged for random capture, as an extra safeguard. By default, cache safety mode is not enabled. This setting is used with "Cache backup location". If you turn on this setting, you must also specify the cache backup location. Enabling safety mode has an effect on performance.

Enable background processing of captured items

Specifies whether Compliance Accelerator should process the items that the Journaling Connector has flagged for random capture. By default, background processing is enabled, but you may want to disable it if you want to delay adding items to the review set temporarily.

Exclude items with this text in subject

Specifies the subject line of items that you want to exclude from sampling. You can use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard. Valid syntax is "title", "*title", "*title*", or "title*".

First Pass Sampling time (local time)

Reduces the burden of resolving the transactions at the sample time by letting the server resolve some of the transactions before the main sampling time is reached. At this time, transactions of items that are captured is resolved. The default time is 20:00.

Maximum age of unresolved items (hours)

Specifies the number of hours after which Compliance Accelerator purges from temporary storage any sampled items that it has yet to move into the review set. Enter a value in the range 1 through 672, where the default is 96. This setting is used with "Maximum resolve attempts". Both conditions must be reached for the purging to take place.

Maximum resolve attempts

Specifies the maximum number of attempts that Compliance Accelerator should make to move an item into the review set before it purges the item. Enter a value in the range 1 through 500, where the default is 5. This setting is used with "Maximum age of unresolved items". Both conditions must be reached for the purging to take place.

Record extra statistics for evidence of review reports

Causes Compliance Accelerator to collect additional data for use in Evidence of Review reports. Compliance Accelerator holds the extra data in the tblMessageAddress database table, which can grow large as a result.

Sampling mode

Specifies whether to use guaranteed sampling or statistical sampling of items.

With guaranteed sampling (the default), Compliance Accelerator captures all items for every monitored employee throughout the day. After midnight, it picks a random sample from each employee's items and adds them to the review set. If you choose guaranteed sampling, you cannot cap the number of items that Compliance Accelerator adds to the department review set.

With statistical sampling, Compliance Accelerator takes a random sample of the items that it has captured during the previous 24-hour period and adds them to the review set. This means that some employees may have fewer items captured than others with an identical monitoring percentage.

Sampling time (local time)

Specifies the time at which the Journaling Connector puts sampled items from the previous 24 hours in the review set. The default time is 01:00. This means that sampled items from the previous 24 hours become visible in the review set after 1 A.M. local time when the processing is complete.

Stale config timeout (mins)

Specifies the frequency in minutes with which the Journaling Connector synchronizes with the Compliance Accelerator database. Enter a value in the range 1 through 300, where the default is 60.

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