Directory Services

Provider Support of ADSI Interfaces

The following table lists a brief description of the interfaces supported by the providers included with ADSI for Windows 2000 and DS Client. An entry marked with "Yes" indicates that at least one ADSI object of the specified provider supports the associated interface. "No" indicates that no object of the provider supports the interface in this release. In the future, currently unsupported interfaces may become supported by the system-supplied providers.

For more information about ADSI provider-specific implementation details, see:

For more information about which property or method is supported for each interface, click the appropriate interface name in the first column of the table.

IADs Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsAccessControlEntry Yes No Yes No
IADsAccessControlList Yes No Yes No
IADsAcl No No Yes No
IADsBackLink No No Yes No
IADsCaseIgnoreList No No Yes No
IADsClass Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsCollection No Yes No Yes
IADsComputer No Yes No Yes
IADsComputerOperations No Yes No Yes
IADsContainer Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsDeleteOps Yes No No No
IADsDomain No Yes No No
IADsEmail No No Yes No
IADsExtension Yes Yes No Yes
IADsFaxNumber No No Yes No
IADsFileService No Yes No Yes
IADsFileServiceOperations No Yes No Yes
IADsFileShare No Yes No Yes
IADsGroup Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsHold No No Yes No
IADsLargeInteger Yes No No No
IADsLocality Yes No Yes No
IADsMembers Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsNamespaces Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsNetAddress No No Yes No
IADsO Yes No Yes No
IADsObjectOptions Yes No No No
IADsOctetList No No Yes No
IADsOpenDSObject Yes Yes Yes No
IADsOU Yes No Yes No
IADsPath No No Yes No
IADsPathName Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsPostalAddress No No Yes No
IADsPrintJob No Yes No Yes
IADsPrintJobOperations No Yes No Yes
IADsPrintQueue Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsPrintQueueOperations Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsProperty Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsPropertyEntry Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsPropertyList Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsPropertyValue Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsPropertyValue2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsReplicaPointer No No Yes No
IADsResource No Yes No No
IADsSecurityDescriptor Yes No Yes No
IADsService No Yes No No
IADsServiceOperations No Yes No No
IADsSession No Yes No No
IADsSyntax Yes Yes Yes Yes
IADsTimestamp No No Yes No
IADsTypedName No No Yes No
IADsUser Yes Yes Yes Yes
IDirectoryObject Yes No Yes No
IDirectorySearch Yes No Yes No

Provider Support for IADsUser

Property LDAP WinNT
AccountDisabled Supported Supported
AccountExpirationDate Supported Supported
BadLoginAddress Unsupported Not supported
BadLoginCount Supported Supported
Department Supported Unsupported
Description Supported Supported
Division Supported Unsupported
EmailAddress Supported Unsupported
EmployeeID Supported Unsupported
FaxNumber Supported Unsupported
FirstName Supported Unsupported
FullName Supported Supported
GraceLoginsAllowed Not Supported Unsupported
GraceLoginsRemaining Not Supported Unsupported
HomeDirectory Supported Supported
HomePage Supported Unsupported
IsAccountLocked Supported Supported
Languages Not Supported Unsupported
LastFailedLogin Supported Unsupported
LastLogin Supported Supported
LastLogoff Supported Supported
LastName Supported Unsupported
LoginHours Supported Supported
LoginScript Supported Supported
LoginWorkstations Supported Supported
Manager Supported Unsupported
MaxLogins Unsupported Unsupported
MaxStorage Supported Supported
NamePrefix Supported Unsupported
NameSuffix Supported Unsupported
OfficeLocations Supported Unsupported
OtherName Supported Unsupported
PasswordExpirationDate Unsupported Supported
PasswordLastChanged Supported Unsupported
PasswordMinimumLength Unsupported Supported
PasswordRequired Supported Supported
Picture Supported Unsupported
PostalAddresses Supported Unsupported
PostalCodes Supported Unsupported
Profile Supported Supported
RequireUniquePassword Unsupported Unsupported
SeeAlso Supported Unsupported
TelephoneHome Supported Unsupported
TelephoneMobile Supported Unsupported
TelephoneNumber Supported Unsupported
TelephonePager Supported Unsupported
Title Supported Unsupported

Provider Support for IADsComputer

Properties LDAP WinNT
ComputerID Interface not supported Unsupported
Department Interface not supported Unsupported
Description Interface not supported Unsupported
Division Interface not supported Supported
Location Interface not supported Unsupported
MemorySize Interface not supported Unsupported
Model Interface not supported Unsupported
NetAddresses Interface not supported Unsupported
OperatingSystem Interface not supported Supported
OperatingSystemVersion Interface not supported Supported
Owner Interface not supported Supported
PrimaryUser Interface not supported Unsupported
Processor Interface not supported Supported
ProcessorCount Interface not supported Supported
Role Interface not supported Unsupported
Site Interface not supported Unsupported
StorageCapacity Interface not supported Unsupported

Provider Support for IADsComputerOperations

Property LDAP WinNT
Shutdown Interface not supported Not implemented
Status Interface not supported Not implemented

Provider Support for IADsDomain

Property LDAP WinNT
IsWorkgroup Interface not supported Not implemented
MinPasswordLength Interface not supported Supported
MinPasswordAge Interface not supported Supported
MaxpasswordAge Interface not supported Supported
MaxBadPasswordsAllowed Interface not supported Supported
PasswordHistoryLength Interface not supported Supported
PasswordAttributes Interface not supported Unsupported
AutoUnlockInterval Interface not supported Supported
LockoutObservationInterval Interface not supported Supported

Provider Support for IADsFileService

Property LDAP WinNT
Description Interface not supported Supported
MaxUserCount Interface not supported Supported

Provider Support for IADsGroup

Property LDAP WinNT
Description Supported Supported

Provider Support for IADsClass

Property LDAP WinNT
PrimaryInterface Supported Supported
CLSID Supported Supported
OID Supported Supported
Abstract Supported Supported
Auxiliary Supported Supported
MandatoryProperties Supported Supported
OptionalProperties Supported Supported
NamingProperties Supported Not implemented
DerivedFrom Supported Unsupported
AuxDerivedFrom Supported Unsupported
PossibleSuperiors Supported Supported
Containment Supported for read Supported
Container Supported for read Supported
HelpFileName Supported Supported
HelpFileContext Supported Supported
Method LDAP WinNT
Qualifiers Not implemented Not implemented

Provider Support for IADsProperty

Property LDAP WinNT
OID Supported Supported
Syntax Supported Supported
MaxRange Supported Supported
MinRange Supported Supported
Multivalued Supported Supported

Provider Support for IADsSyntax

Property LDAP WinNT
OleAutoDataType Supported Supported

Provider Support for IADsContainer

Property LDAP WinNT
Count Not implemented Not implemented
Hints Supported Not implemented
Filter Supported Supported

Provider Support for IADsNamespaces

Property LDAP WinNT
defaultContainer Supported Supported

Provider Support for IADsAccessControlEntry

Property LDAP WinNT
AccessMask Supported Unsupported
AccessType Supported Unsupported
AccessFlags Supported Unsupported
Flags Supported Unsupported
ObjectType Supported Unsupported
InheritedObjectType Supported Unsupported
Trustee Supported Unsupported

Provider Support for IADsAccessControlList

Property LDAP WinNT
AceCount Supported Unsupported
AceRevision Supported Unsupported
Method LDAP WinNT
AddAce Supported Unsupported
CopyAccessList Supported Unsupported
RemoveAce Supported Unsupported
get__NewEnum Supported Unsupported

Provider Support for IADsSecurityDescriptor

Property LDAP WinNT
Control Supported Unsupported
DaclDefaulted Supported Unsupported
DiscretionaryAcl Supported Unsupported
Group Supported Unsupported
GroupDefaulted Supported Unsupported
Owner Supported Unsupported
OwnerDefaulted Supported Unsupported
SaclDefaulted Supported Unsupported
SystemAcl Supported Unsupported
Method LDAP WinNT
CopySecurityDescriptor Supported Unsupported

Provider Support for IADsObjectOptions

Method LDAP WinNT
GetOption Supported Interface not supported
SetOption Supported Interface not supported

Provider Support for IADsCollection

Method LDAP WinNT
Add Interface not supported Unsupported
get__NewEnum Interface not supported Supported
GetObject Interface not supported Supported
Remove Interface not supported Supported

Provider Support for IADsMembers

Count Supported for GroupCollection, but not for UserCollection Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported
Filter Supported Supported Supported Supported
get__NewEnum Supported Supported Supported Supported

Provider Support for IADsPathname

Property LDAP WinNT
EscapedMode Supported Supported
Method LDAP WinNT
Set Supported Supported
SetDisplayType Supported Supported
Retrieve Supported Supported
GetNumElements Supported Supported
GetElement Supported Supported
GetEscapedElement Supported Unsupported
RemoveLeafElement Supported Supported
CopyPath Supported Supported

Provider Support for IADsPrintQueue

Property LDAP WinNT
PrinterPath Supported Unsupported
Model Supported Supported.
Datatype Unsupported Supported
PrintProcessor Unsupported Supported
Description Supported Supported
Location Supported Supported
StartTime Supported Supported
UntilTime Supported Supported
DefaultJobPriority Unsupported Supported
Priority Supported Supported
BannerPage Supported Supported
PrintDevices Supported Supported
NetAddresses Unsupported Unsupported

Provider Support for IADsPrintQueueOperations

Property LDAP WinNT
Status Supported Supported
Method LDAP WinNT
Pause Supported Supported.
PrintJobs Supported Supported
Purge Supported Supported
Resume Supported Supported