Directory Services


The IADsSyntax interface specifies methods to identify and modify the available Automation data types used to represent its data. ADSI defines a standard set of syntax objects that can be used uniformly across multiple directory service implementations.

Use the IADsSyntax interface to process the property values of any instance of ADSI schema class object.

Methods in Vtable Order

The IADsSyntax interface inherits the methods of the standard COM interfaces:

In addition, IADsSyntax defines the following methods.

Method Description
get_OleAutoDataType The Automation data type constant, VT_xxxx.
put_OleAutoDataType The Automation data type constant, VT_xxxx.


The IADsSyntax interface defines the following property. The preceding table includes access methods for this property.

Property Description
OleAutoDataType The Automation data type constant, VT_xxxx.


Client: Included in Windows XP and Windows 2000 Professional.
Server: Included in Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server.
Redistributable: Requires Active Directory Client Extension on Windows NT 4.0 SP6a and Windows 95/98/Me.
Header: Declared in Iads.h.

See Also

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