Directory Services

ADSI WinNT Provider

The Microsoft Windows NT ADSI provider implements a set of ADSI objects to support various ADSI interfaces. The namespace name for the Windows NT provider is "WinNT" and this provider is commonly referred to as the WinNT provider. To access the WinNT provider, bind to any of the ADSI objects of WinNT, using the WinNT AdsPath.

The WinNT provider is included in the ADSI system component for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. If the client is a Windows 95/98/Me workstation or Windows NT 4.0 workstation/member server, the client must have either either ADSI 2.5 or the Active Directory Client Extensions (DSClient) installed. The DSClient is the preferred ADSI add-on client. For more information about the DSClient add-on, see

Note  The default WinNT provider cannot be assumed to be completely thread-safe. Writers of multi-threaded applications should handle multi-threading to properly coordinate any access between threads through the proper use of synchronization objects such as semaphores, mutexes, critical sections, and so on.