Available Discovery Accelerator reports

Table: Available Discovery Accelerator reports describes the reports that accompany Discovery Accelerator.

Table: Available Discovery Accelerator reports

This report


Archive Source report

The Enterprise Vault archives in which you have conducted Discovery Accelerator searches within a selected case.

Case History report

Information on a selected Discovery Accelerator case, including the users who have access to the case and the searches, reviews, and production runs that they have conducted.

Item Detail report

The items in the selected case.

Legal Holds report

The items in the selected case on which Discovery Accelerator has placed a hold to stop them from being deleted from the Enterprise Vault archives.

Production Run report

The items in each production run and export run for a selected case.

Productions report

The production runs that you have conducted for the selected case.

Searches report

The live and accepted searches in the selected case.

Security report

The users who have access to the selected case, and their associated roles and permissions.