Searches report

The Searches report provides information on the live and accepted searches in the selected case.

This report contains the following fields.

Table: Fields in the Searches report

This field


Date Run

The date and time at which the search was run.

Search Name

The name that the creator of the search has assigned to it. Click the name to display the criteria used for the search.

Search ID

The identifying number that Discovery Accelerator has assigned to the search.


The status of the search, such as Pending Acceptance, In Progress, Accepted, Failed, or Completed.

# of Archives

The number of archives that Discovery Accelerator has searched.

Search Status

The progress of the search, expressed as a percentage value.

# of Hits

The number of items that match the search criteria.

# of Unique Hits

The number of found items that no other search in the case has retrieved.

The following table lists the Search Criteria fields.

Table: Search Criteria fields

This field


Date Ranges

The date range between which items must be sent or received to match the search criteria.


The recipients of the items.


The senders of the items.


The words or phrases for which to search in the subject lines of items.


The words or phrases for which to search in the message bodies of items.

Number of Attachments

The required number of attachments to items.

Attachment Type

The file name extensions of particular types of attachments for which to search.

Message Size

The size of item for which to search.

Message Type

The type of item for which to search.

Retention Category

The selected retention category that Enterprise Vault has assigned to the items.

Policy Type

The selected policy type (Inclusion, Exclusion, or Category) with which third-party policy management software has tagged the items.


The specific policy with which the policy management software has tagged the items.

Filter Policies by Case

The filter applied in the search to sort by case.