Item Detail report

The Item Detail report provides information on the items in the selected case.

This report contains the following fields.

Table: Fields in the Item Detail report

This field



The identifying number that Discovery Accelerator has assigned to the item.


The identifier of the saveset (.DVS) file that contains the item.

Archive ID

The identifier that Enterprise Vault has assigned to the archive.

Archive Name

The name of the Enterprise Vault archive.

Sent/Received Date

The date on which the item was sent or received.


The email address of the person who sent the item.

Recipients (truncated)

The recipients of the item. This may not be a full list because Enterprise Vault truncates the list of recipients.


The subject line of the item.

Latest Mark

The last mark that a reviewer has assigned to the item.

Latest Comments

The last comment that a reviewer has assigned to the item.

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