Tasks tab

The Tasks tab provides quick access to the activities that you are likely to perform frequently with Compliance Accelerator.

The options are as follows:


Manage Roles Assignment

Assign roles to users to determine what they can access and the activities that they can perform in Compliance Accelerator.

Manage or Create Roles

Create and edit the roles that you want to assign to Compliance Accelerator users.


Manage System Settings

Configure various aspects of Compliance Accelerator, including search, security, review, and export options.

Import Configuration Data

Import configuration data into your Compliance Accelerator database from an XML file.


Manage Application Archives

Set the default list of Enterprise Vault archives in which Compliance Accelerator searches for items.

Manage or Create Application Searches

Create and monitor the searches that run in multiple departments.

Manage or Create Search Schedules

Build schedules so that you can run searches at set times or set up recurrent searches that run automatically.

Manage or Create Hotwords and Hotword Sets

Specify the keywords and phrases for which you want to search in employee communications.

Manage or Create Employees and Employee Groups

Set up profiles for the employees and employee groups that you want to monitor with Compliance Accelerator.


Manage or Create Reviewing Comments

Store the text of comments that your users may commonly want to apply to the items that they review.

Manage Reviewing Status

Customize the status names with which Compliance Accelerator shows the status of items in the Review pane.

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