Storing reviewing comments for reuse

When they work on a set of items, your reviewers may find it tedious to type the same comments over and over. You can speed up the reviewing process by storing the text of common comments, ready for your reviewers to apply to the items on which they work. Note that these reviewers must have the Add Standard Review Comments permission to apply the comments that you set up.

You must have the Manage Reviewing Comments permission to set up reviewing comments. By default, users with the application role of App Rule Admin have this permission.

To store a reviewing comment

  1. Click the Application tab in the Compliance Accelerator client, and then click the Reviewing Comments tab.

  2. Click New Comment.

  3. In the pane at the right, type an optional summary of the comment containing up to 100 characters.

    This summary appears in the Comment box at the bottom of the Review pane. If you do not type a summary, Compliance Accelerator abridges the content of the comment and presents this as the summary.

  4. In the review comment box, type the full text of the comment itself. This can contain up to 1024 characters.

  5. Click Save.

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