Creating employee profiles

You must create an employee profile for every user who accesses Compliance Accelerator as an administrator, supervisor, or reviewer. You must also create an employee profile for every employee whose messages are monitored. You can enter a few employee details and then populate the rest by synchronizing with the corresponding Active Directory or Domino directory account.

You must have the Manage Employees permission to set up an employee profile. By default, users with the application role of App User Admin have this permission.

To create an employee profile

  1. Click the Employees tab in the Compliance Accelerator client.

  2. Click New Employee at the top of the window.

  3. In the right pane, type the employee's first name, initials, and last name, and the display name with which the employee appears in Compliance Accelerator.

    Only the display name is mandatory. If the Windows account of the employee is held in Active Directory or a Domino LDAP directory, you can populate the other boxes by synchronizing Compliance Accelerator with it.

  4. In the Organization section, type the company details for the employee. Complete the boxes as follows:


    Specifies the employee's job title.


    Identifies the employee's department within the organization. This department is not the Compliance Accelerator department to which the employee is to belong.

    Start date

    Your company policy should specify how this box is used. For example, the start date can indicate when the employee joined the company or when the employee was first monitored. By default, today's date appears in the box. To change this date, click the down arrow at the right of the box and then select the required date.

    End date

    As with the start date, your company policy should specify how this box is used. For example, the end date can indicate when the employee left the company. This date is important for preserving accurate system information.

    Employee ID

    If your company's administration or finance department issues each employee with a unique company ID, you can enter it here. If you update employee data using an XML file, the Employee ID box must have a unique value. This value is used to identify the employee profile to update.

    See Installation Guide for instructions on how to import from an XML file.

    Email addresses

    Specifies the email addresses that belong to the employee. If the employee has multiple addresses, type each one on a line of its own.

    If you search for the items that were sent to or from this employee, Compliance Accelerator includes all the listed addresses in the search. To ensure that you capture all the relevant items, remember to add old email addresses.

    You can populate the Title and Department properties using synchronization if you hold user accounts in Active Directory or a Domino directory. You can also populate the Start date, End date, and Employee ID properties using synchronization. However, you must first map these properties to suitable Active Directory or Domino directory attributes.

  5. In the Windows Account and Domino Account sections, enter the user name of the employee. Alternatively, click Browse to display a list of accounts, and then select the one for this employee.

  6. Check Automatically synchronize if you want Compliance Accelerator regularly to synchronize the employee profile properties with values in the associated Windows or Domino user account.

    You must uncheck this option if you want to edit the profile manually after synchronization.


    If you want to conduct Compliance Accelerator searches for a synchronized Domino user, you must ensure that the user has an SMTP address defined in the Domino directory.

  7. Click Save.

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