Directory Services

Alphabetical Listing of ADSI Interfaces

The following table contains an alphabetical listing of all the ADSI interfaces.

Interface Category
IADs Core
IADsAccessControlEntry Security
IADsAccessControlList Security
IADsAcl Data Type
IADsADSystemInfo Utility
IADsAggregatee This interface is obsolete
IADsAggregator This interface is obsolete.
IADsBackLink Data Type
IADsCaseIgnoreList Data Type
IADsClass Schema
IADsCollection Persistent object
IADsComputer Persistent object
IADsComputerOperations Dynamic object
IADsContainer Core
IADsDeleteOps Utility
IADsDNWithBinary Data Type
IADsDNWithString Data Type
IADsDomain Persistent object
IADsEmail Data Type
IADsExtension Extension
IADsFaxNumber Data Type
IADsFileService Persistent object
IADsFileServiceOperations Dynamic object
IADsFileShare Persistent object
IADsGroup Persistent object
IADsHold Data Type
IADsLargeInteger Data Type
IADsLocality Persistent object
IADsMembers Persistent object
IADsNamespaces Core
IADsNameTranslate Utility
IADsNetAddress Data Type
IADsO Persistent object
IADsObjectOptions Utility
IADsOctetList Data Type
IADsOpenDSObject Core
IADsOU Persistent object
IADsPath Data Type
IADsPathName Utility
IADsPostalAddress Data Type
IADsPrintJob Persistent object
IADsPrintJobOperations Dynamic object
IADsPrintQueue Persistent object
IADsPrintQueueOperations Dynamic object
IADsProperty Schema
IADsPropertyEntry Property Cache
IADsPropertyList Property Cache
IADsPropertyValue Property Cache
IADsPropertyValue2 Property Cache
IADsReplicaPointer Data Type
IADsResource Dynamic object
IADsSecurityDescriptor Security
IADsService Persistent object
IADsServiceOperations Dynamic object
IADsSession Dynamic object
IADsSyntax Schema
IADsTimestamp Data Type
IADsTypedName Data Type
IADsUser Persistent object
IADsWinNTSystemInfo Utility
IDirectoryObject Core/Non-Automation
IDirectorySchemaMgmt This interface is obsolete.
IDirectorySearch Core/Non-Automation
IPrivateDispatch This interface is obsolete.
IPrivateUnknown This interface is obsolete.