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Cellular Emulator is a software-based emulator to aid developers and testers in developing and testing their software under the Windows Embedded CE and Windows Mobile platforms. The design goal of Cellular Emulator is to replace the radio module in both development and test environments. The advantage of Cellular Emulator is that it provides not only voice but also data connectivity. Moreover, Cellular Emulator is a powerful tool to test various applications under different wireless network conditions in GSM/GPRS and UMTS networks.

The primary features supported in this release are listed here:

In This Section

Cellular Emulator Quick Start

Describes briefly the general system setup and configuration steps for Cellular Emulator.

Cellular Emulator Installation Guide

Describes the installation steps for Cellular Emulator.

Cellular Emulator Configuration

Describes steps to configure Cellular Emulator.

Cellular Emulator User Interface

Describes a description of the functional UI for Cellular Emulator.

Cellular Emulator Data Connections

Describes GPRS connection simulation with Cellular Emulator.

Cellular Emulator Troubleshooting

Explains some of the error messages that could be encountered with Cellular Emulator.

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