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This section covers tools and resources for Windows Mobile developers, including information about new tools, deployment documentation, and device management topics.

In This Section

Installing Developer Tools for Windows Mobile

A list of tools required to create Windows Mobile applications.

Windows Vista Development Issues

Important information for developers using Windows Vista.

Device Emulator for Windows Mobile

Information covering the Device Emulator.

Cellular Emulator

A software emulator that you can use to test applications under different wireless network conditions.

Security, GPS and Resolution Awareness Tools

Tools for testing security settings, faking a GPS connection, and forcing resolution awareness.

Hopper Test Tool

Using the Hopper input stress tool to make your application as robust and stable as possible.

Debugging Windows Mobile Applications

Links to topics covering debugging native and managed code.

Code Samples for Windows Mobile

Sample applications shipped with SDK that can help you learn to develop software for the Windows Mobile platform.

Links and Resources

Links and resources that may be of interest to Windows Mobile developers.

Related Sections

Deploying Windows Mobile Applications

Packaging projects for deployment, and managing the applications after installation.

Packaging Windows Mobile Applications With CAB Wizard

Creating CAB files to share your application.

Windows Mobile Documentation on MSDN

Links to other important developer information on MSDN, including the .NET Compact Framework.