Modifying BP.INI parameters with the NonTarget method

The NonTarget's NetBackup Configuration dialog allows you to set and modify NetBackup configuration parameters saved in the bp.ini file. For information about setting and modifying bp.ini file parameters using the Target method, see Modifying BP.INI through the target's NetBackup configuration menu.

To modify BP.INI parameters using the NetBackup for NetWare NonTarget browser

  • From the NetBackup for NetWare NonTarget Browser, choose Actions >Configure.

The NetBackup Configuration dialog appears as a tabbed page. Clicking on a tab brings up a specific set of options. The tabs and their options are described in the following sections:

Setting general configuration options

Setting Server configuration options

Configuring clients

Configuring network communication ports

Configuring backups options

Setting troubleshooting options

Configuring resources

  • Enter or select options from the tabbed dialog.
  • After entering all options, click OK.

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