Setting Server configuration options

On the NetBackup Configuration dialog, select the Servers tab to add and remove NetBackup servers and to specify the NetBackup master server to be used for user-directed backup and restore operations.

The Servers tab contains the following options:

Table 3-7 Servers tab options 
New Server Name
To add another NetBackup server to the Server List, type the name of the new server in the New Server Name text box and click Add. The name must be as defined by the system administrator on that server.
Click this button to add a server to the Server List.
Server List
Shows the names of the NetBackup servers that require access to the NetWare Client for scheduled backups, and any other servers used when performing user-directed backups. The master server and any remote media servers that perform scheduled backups of the client must appear in this list. The machine designated as CURRENT will be the server used for user-directed operations.
To mark a server as CURRENT, select a server from the Server List and click Make Current. The word CURRENT appears in parentheses beside the name.
Caution: Be careful about removing servers from the list, as it may cause scheduled backups to fail.
Removes a server. First highlight the server in the Server List, then click Remove.
Make Current
Makes the selected server the current server. Highlight the server in the Server List, then click Make Current.

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