Modifying BP.INI through the target's NetBackup configuration menu

The Target's NetBackup Configuration menu allows you to set and modify NetBackup configuration parameters saved in the bp.ini file. For information about setting and modifying bp.ini file parameters using the NonTarget method, see Modifying BP.INI parameters with the NonTarget method.

To display and use the NetBackup configuration menu:

  • On the Target's Main Menu, type n.
  • To execute a command from this menu, type the letter that is to the left of the menu item.

The menu choices follow:

Table 3-3 NetBackup Configuration menu options 
c) Change NetBackup Client Name
Allows you to change your NetWare file server name. You must be sure that the value you type here is the same as the name added to the NetBackup server policy configuration by your system administrator.
n) Change Network Parameters
Allows you to change network parameters. These include the port numbers that NetBackup uses to communicate between the NetWare Client and NetBackup Server.
s) NetBackup Server Configuration
Allows you to add and delete server names from the defined list of servers, and set the master server name.
b) NetBackup Client Configuration
Allows you to add and delete names from the defined list of clients.
h) Help
Provides help for information on this menu.
q) Quit
Returns you to the main menu.

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