Configuring network communication ports

On the NetBackup Configuration dialog, select the Network tab to view and change the port numbers used during communications between your NetWare Client and the NetBackup master server.

The NetBackup Client Daemon Port, or BPCD Port, is the port on which the NetWare Client listens for connections from the NetBackup master server, media servers, and administration consoles. A NetBackup server connects to the NetWare Client to perform backups and restores and to modify configuration information. The NetBackup Request Daemon Port, or BPRD Port is the port the NetWare Client uses to connect to the NetBackup master server in order to submit backup, restore, and browse requests.

These port numbers should be defined by your NetBackup system administrator. Both the NetBackup Master Server and the NetWare Client must be configured with the same ports.

Options on the Network tab follow:

Table 3-9 Network tab options
NetBackup Client Daemon Port

Specify the port the NetBackup server uses to communicate with the NetBackup client.

The default is 13782.

NetBackup Request Daemon Port

Specify the port to which the client should send requests to the NetBackup request service, bprd, on the NetBackup server.

The default is 13720.

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