Configuring clients

On the NetBackup Configuration dialog, select the Clients tab to add and delete names from the defined list of NetWare Clients and to change the name of the NetWare Client used when browsing in search and restore operations.

Note: Most changes made to the Clients tab will not apply to currently open backup or restore windows. If, however, a client is added, the open windows will be able to switch to them.

Options on the Clients tab follow:

Table 3-8 Clients tab options 
New Client Name
To add another client name to the Client List, type the name of the new NetWare Client in the New Client Name box and click Add. The client name entered must also be defined in a policy on the NetBackup server.
Adds the client entered in the New Client Name box to the Client List.
Client List
The Client List contains the names of NetWare Clients on which you can perform NetBackup operations.
The NetBackup server administrator must set up the required permissions before you can browse and restore from any NetWare Client.
To perform a NetBackup operation on a NetWare Client, select the name from the Client List and click Make Current. The word CURRENT appears in parentheses beside the name of the new default client.
Removes a client from the Client List. First highlight the client in the Client List, then click Remove.
Make Current
Designates the client backup images you can browse for restore operations. First highlight the client in the Client List, then click Make Current.

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