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System board

To remove the component:

  1. Power down the server.
  2. Extend or remove the server from the rack (Extend the server from the rack, Remove the server from the rack).
  3. Remove the access panel.
  4. Remove the air baffle.

    CAUTION: To prevent damage to the server or expansion boards, power down the server and remove all AC power cords before removing or installing the expansion boards.

  5. Remove the PCI riser cage.
  6. Remove the front fan bracket.

    IMPORTANT: For this procedure, you do not need to remove the hot-plug fans from the front fan bracket. When reinstalling the front fan bracket, press the top of each fan to be sure it seats securely.

  7. Remove the hot-plug fans from the rear fan bracket.
  8. Remove any DDR SDRAM DIMMs.
  9. Remove the processors and heatsinks.
  10. Remove the PPMs.
  11. Remove the Smart Array 6i cache module.

    NOTE: This feature applies only to SCSI models.

  12. Disconnect all cables connected to the system board.
  13. Identify the alignment keys and keyhole locations, 1 through 4.

    Identify the alignment keys and keyhole locations

  14. Loosen the system board thumbscrew.
  15. Remove the system board.

    Removing the system board

  16. Remove the rear fan bracket.

    IMPORTANT: If replacing the system board or clearing NVRAM, you must re-enter the server serial number through RBSU.

To replace the component, reverse the removal procedure.