Network structure - Computers


Computers and Domains lists are included in the audit.

Tree structure of currently accessible computers on Microsoft Windows Network or other network types.

You can perform all operations from the context menu (mouse right button), either on the individual computers or on the selected group of computers or on the whole domain (more domains).


Current Status of Computers:

computer_offlineOffline - The computer is not connected to a network or is turned off.

computer_onlineOnline - The computer is an active part of the network.

computer_readyReady to scan data - The AuditPro client on the computer is ready.

computer_scanningScanning - The computer scanning is in progress.

computer_errorError - Error on the client side or communication error.


TIP: Computers containing scanned data are highlighted in bold (always relates to the current audit).


Edit Bar

InsertInsert - Insert new item in active window.

PropertiesProperties - Selected changes to the item‘s properties in active window.

DeleteDelete  - Selected item is deleted in the active window.

ID_SCAN_STARTStart Scanning - Data scan start on the remote computer.


ID_FILE_PRINTPrint - Print active window content.


Context Menu:


The following information on every computer is displayed in a tree structure: