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DirectDraw Display Drivers

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This document describes the architecture implementing the DirectDraw HAL as part of the Windows CE DDI, and outlines the steps that are required to create a Windows CE graphics display driver that supports DirectDraw.

This document will assist developers who write display drivers for Windows CE. It is a companion and optional extension to the DDI for Windows CE Programmer's Guide.

This document is divided into several sections. The first section, Introduction, outlines the design of the architecture for display drivers written to support DirectDraw under Windows CE. It compares this architecture to the design of the DirectDraw HAL for desktop Windows. The section concludes with an illustration of how the new architecture fits into Windows CE.

The next several sections contain practical information about creating a Windows CE display driver that supports DirectDraw. Some of these sections assume that the programmer is using Microsoft's GPE classes. Creating a DirectDraw Display Driverdescribes the steps required to build a working DirectDraw display driver as quickly as possible. Writing a DirectDraw Driver without DDGPE describes how to create a display driver that supports DirectDraw without using any GPE-based classes. Porting your DDHAL from the Desktop, discusses how to convert source code from an existing DDHAL for desktop Windows into the DDHAL for a Windows CE display driver. Taking Advantage of DDGPEdiscusses some changes you can make to increase the performance and power of your driver. Customizing your DDHALoutlines possible enhancements that can be made to boost the performance and enhance the capabilities of a simple display driver.

The remaining sections are provided as reference. They contain functional descriptions of various additions and the new architecture. The DDGPE base classes that extend the functionality of the original GPE are described in detail in The DDGPE Classes. The DDGPE DDHAL Interface Definitiondescribes the interface definition that allows driver writers to easily implement a simple DirectDraw HAL.

Finally, the files that accompany and support this document are listed and described in Supporting Files.

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