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Taking Advantage of DDGPE

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One of the advantages of DDGPEis its ability to be quickly and easily added to your existing GPE-based display driver. This can be completed with very few modifications to your existing code.

There are several more simple changes that you can make to your driver to take greater advantage of what DDGPEhas to offer. You are not required to implement this functionality to enable DirectDraw with your display driver, but it is suggested that you take advantage of these extensions. When you do, the integration will be much more seamless, and DDGPEwill be far more powerful.

This chapter is organized into several different sections. The first section, Deriving from DDGPE, discusses extensions you can make to your DDGPE-based driver. Next, Deriving from DDGPESurfindicates additions you can make to your DDGPESurf-based class to make it more powerful. Finally, Using SurfaceHeapdiscusses the advantages of using the SurfaceHeapobject instead of the standard GPE Node2Dobject.

These classes, functions, and structures are documented completely in The DDGPE Classes.

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