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Creating a DirectDraw Display Driver

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This chapter describes the steps required to build a working DirectDraw display driver as quickly as possible. It has been divided into several sections. The first section , Preparing your Display Driver, guides you to information you'll need to develop a display driver for the first time. If you already have a working display driver, you can jump directly to the next section, The DDGPE Classes, which describes the steps you should take to add DirectDraw support to your display driver. The section, Direct Draw HAL Implementation, indicates the final additions that must be made to inform DirectDraw of the display driver's features.

Although it is not a requirement of a proper DirectDraw HAL implementation, this section assumes that you have implemented or will implement a driver that takes advantage of Microsoft's GPE C++ classes.

Keep in mind that this chapter is offered as a set of recommendations for creating and extending a display driver as quickly as possible, and for testing it in stages along the way. It is not a list of rules.

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