Responding to Alerts

Alerts appear in the Alerts pane in response to a condition or some other event that requires the attention of administrators. Each alert is ranked by severity, either informational, warning, or error. The Alerts pane always shows the alerts sorted by date and time with the most recent alerts at the top. The alerts that appear in a day are separated by a thick dividing line from alerts that occur on other days.

There are a number of steps you can take when responding to alerts.


Within a few days of an initial Ultrasound deployment, you might see a flood of alerts for problems that you did not know existed. In many cases the replica sets, members, and connections might have red (critical condition) or yellow (warning condition) health ratings. We recommend the following strategy for dealing with an initial flood of alerts and health issues:

  1. Review alerts regarding provider deployments to ensure that all providers were deployed successfully. Any unsuccessful deployments could cause an inaccurate picture of the overall health of the replica set. Investigate and repair provider deployment failures using the advice given in the alert and corresponding Help topic. After that, you should receive an alert that indicates that provider deployment was successful.
  2. Use the Summary tab to investigate any objects that are red (critical condition) or yellow (warning condition) and repair those issues. In many cases a corresponding alert will describe the problem. See Understanding Health Ratings for more information.
  3. Resolve all alerts by using the procedure To respond to an alert, and then wait for new alerts to occur. If these alerts are informational, address them when you have time. Many informational alerts can be safely resolved without following the advice in the alert, though in some cases following the advice in an informational alert could result in better performance and reliability of your replica sets.
  4. If you continue receiving alerts or health ratings that are not applicable to your organization, you can customize or disable them by using the procedure To respond to an alert.